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The kingdom of Elandonia brims with magic, mystical beasts and the need to be tough in order to survive.  With his master slain and the temple burned, Talsaron must resist despair and press on to uncover his destiny while the world, as he knows it, begins to falter and wane.

The races of mankind are gradually being taken over by an unseen, malevolent force; good people are being transformed into maniacal, murderous lunatics. And the humans are on the brink of war with their allies, the arnsath.

It seems all civilization will crumble into madness if Talsaron fails to make a stand and fulfill a mysterious prophesy foretold by the sages.

However, he is not alone in this undertaking. Others are drawn in as well, including his former love, Cia, a simple–minded half giant, Urdle Treetrunk, and Danthios, a cranky old wizard. Together they must stop the source of the evil before war ravages the land and the races of mankind are gone.

But the companions can never succeed if they do not first overcome the secrets that divide them.

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